Wherever you have data, you need DataChat

DataChat’s supportive analytics platform and Guided English Language allow you to leverage self-served data analytics and machine learning to uncover sophisticated patterns in your data.

  • Collaborate in DataChat by inviting colleagues to a working session, share your work, or post your graphs and narratives to Insight Boards.
  • Repeatable workflows will automate your routine tasks and free up your time for more interesting and impactful work.

You can speed up your data science workflows by automating routine model building steps, such as hyperparameter optimization and k-fold Cross Validation, to help you rapidly build and evolve exploratory models.

  • The DataChat platform can also be extended with support for custom Python scripts.
  • Collaborate with your subject matter experts on relevant analyses and conclusions from the same platform.

With DataChat, you can empower your entire organization to give you an advantage over your competition by quickly and confidently making sound, data-driven business decisions.

  • Getting to the “Why” quickly with DataChat can help drive growth and reduce costs.
  • With DataChat, your team has all the data analytics tools that might seem out-of-reach to them today.
  • Your team can collaborate inside DataChat to maximize the overall talent and human resources of the team.

Use Cases


Customer Churn

Automatically identify causes of customer churn and proactively identify at-risk customers to improve customer retention.


Credit Delinquency

Identify delinquent accounts and detect accounts that are likely to become delinquent


Flight Analysis

Determine the best days to fly, which days to avoid, which airline has the fewest delays, and more.

Case Studies


Optimizing Ad Spend


Digital media ads are a must for any business these days. However, digital marketing can be a wild west of results. With social media channels and advertising platforms constantly changing their pricing structure and content algorithms, it can be difficult to know if you’re getting the most out of your dollar.


With DataChat's powerful tools and simple interface, one of our customers set out to create a dashboard based on data pulled from their major digital marketing channels to figure out their true costs and return on investment.


A marketer with access to data on revenue, number of customers, and marketing costs was able to create a robust Insights Board that allows them to track their average order value (AOV) and cost per acquisition (CPA) and use these metrics to track the return on investment of their marketing spend.

Data Viability Analysis



The data from oil and gas wells is large, messy, inconsistent, and unwieldy. This includes duplicative entries, incorrect data input, orphaned wells without identifying information, no standard names, inconsistent entries, and thousands of datasets without a common link. Renee, a consultant at Culminate Strategy, needed a way to determine whether the data was viable before she got too deep into her wrangling. Renee’s current tools to review, validate, and wrangle the data are time and labor intensive and often result in unusable data after weeks of work. Additionally, Renee was unable to use her analytics systems to access and explore the data because loading the data resulted in timeouts and crashes.


Renee used DataChat to load datasets directly from her Databricks database. For her large (~6 billion row) datasets, DataChat can deliver a high-level summary within 30 seconds. Using the Sample skill, she then quickly explored a representative and manageable subset of that data without having to wait for the entire dataset to be processed.

For her datasets containing millions of rows, she can load and explore the entire dataset within minutes, again using DataChat to review the mean, median, and range of each column to ensure the data was within expected parameters, while visualizing the distribution of data via helpful histograms. With initial exploration complete, she used DataChat to remove data entries without meaningful information and then leveraged DataChat's automatic visualization features to examine her most important KPIs and let DataChat choose the best visualizations for her


Using DataChat, Renee was able to quickly access, review, clean, and validate her data, saving her days (and sometimes weeks) of work to establish a usable, accurate dataset she could use for her analysis of oil well performance. 

Renee was able to assess that the data wasn’t consistent, accurate, or salvageable within a couple of hours. Previously, it could have taken her days, if not weeks, to assess a dataset with millions of rows.


Logistics Optimization

DataChat’s supportive analytics platform and Guided English Language allow you to leverage self-served data analytics and machine learning to uncover sophisticated patterns in your data.


A Fortune 500 company had dashboards demonstrating exponential equipment costs, but they couldn’t hone in on the meaning of the data with existing tools.


With DataChat’s self-service platform, a group within the company was empowered to address their  questions on their own while working collaboratively amongst themselves and across departments more quickly and easily than they could with traditional tools, such as Excel, SQL, and Python.

DataChat also allowed the group to independently construct robust data science pipelines and workflows to analyze their device data. They were also able to leverage DataChat’s explainable AI and machine learning tools to quickly create models that revealed that the time between purchasing a device and the first repairs was the primary factor of device life, which would help inform the terms of new leases.


DataChat replaced their old, complex data science tools and empowered the customer to achieve pre-defined ROI metrics, which allowed them to:

  • Predict bulk inventory purchases more accurately
  • Optimize existing equipment repair pipeline
  • Meet environmental and social governance goals