Product Updates

Highlights of the latest DataChat Platform Updates. For a complete list of updates, visit our release notes page. 

Version 0.20.7 - November 1, 2022

We’re excited to announce a new set of updates and enhancements to the DataChat Platform. Recent updates from our product team include the ability to:

  • Add aggregations to the Chart Builder.

  • Open the Chart Builder from within an Insights Board.

  • Drop and keep columns without opening a form.

  • Easily view the workflow behind an object.

For a complete list of changes, see our release notes.

Aggregations in the Chart Builder

We’re continuing to make the Chart Builder your one-stop-shop for quickly creating powerful visualizations that make the most of your data. Now, you can use the Chart Builder to dynamically explore your data by applying and changing aggregations to your data without needing to calculate them ahead of time. Read more about using aggregates in the Chart Builder in our documentation.

Open the Chart Builder in Insights Boards

Publishing your chart to an Insights Board is a great way to share insights with your team. But what if you want to explore those insights or ask more questions? With the newly integrated Chart Builder, you can explore and customize almost any chart on your Insights Board without having to go back to a session, create a new chart, and publish it.

Read more about using the Chart Builder and Insights Boards in our documentation.

Easier Data Cleaning

The faster you can clean your data, the faster you can start to use it to make decisions. In Grid mode, you can now take common actions, such as keeping or dropping rows, directly from a row in the table.

You can also use this feature to fill in the first condition when conditionally dropping columns. Read more about keeping and dropping columns in our documentation.

View Workflows for Objects

Knowing how something was created is key to understanding it. Everything in DataChat is backed by a workflow, a sequence of commands, so you know the exact steps that created it. Now, you can click the View Workflow button in the header of any chart or table to see the workflow behind it without stepping through the entire session’s workflow. Read more about workflows in our documentation.

Version 0.19.5 - September 29, 2022

For a complete list of changes, see our release notes.

Refreshed Homepage Layout

At DataChat, we continue to prioritize building a collaborative data analytics experience. One of the critical ways we facilitate working with others is by providing a comprehensive management system for all your work on the platform. We’re excited to announce a new homepage layout that will make managing and sharing your work with others effortless. 

Our new vertical homepage layout makes reading and managing your work easier. The “My Work” page is the central hub for all of your data needs. You can take any necessary action, such as opening or renaming sessions, creating folders, or editing workflows, without leaving the homepage. We’ve also added improved filtering to the search bar to make it easy to find what you’re looking for.

Dynamic Plot Form

Visualizations are vital for understanding your data and making data-driven decisions. In this version, we’ve introduced the ability to dynamically build and explore a variety of charts with rich feature support built in. You can change chart types on the fly, switch up axis values, add color, point out trends with annotations, and more from within a single tool. You can also add filters to your plots to help isolate your trends.

If you have multiple datasets, you can quickly switch between them without leaving the tool. With data sampling and statistics built-in, it’s never been easier to stay on top of your data.

This same tool can be used to edit plots after they’ve been created to help your visualizations keep up with your data.

Version 0.18.3 - August 29, 2022

For a complete list of changes, see our release notes.

Version 0.17.6 - July 28, 2022

For a complete list of changes, see our release notes.

Version 0.16.1 - June 29, 2022

For a complete list of changes, see our release notes.