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DataChat is built-from-scratch to let everyone take their own data journey without needing complicated programming languages or traditional data science tools. From data exploration, wrangling, and preparation to visualizations and predictive modeling, DataChat's simple, familiar interface keeps you moving at the speed of your data. You can even chat with your data using an LLM-powered bot.

Now, everyone on your team can quickly, collaboratively, and transparently build sophisticated analytics pipelines that can be validated by everyone involved. This clarity builds trust across teams, allowing them to dig deeper, faster.

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Use our LLM-powered chatbot to ask any question about your data and let the platform do the hard work of assembling the necessary steps. You and the bot can iterate on the solution as it works to produce the trustworthy insights that you need.



Automatically identify and visualize key trends in your data with AI-assisted visualizations. Create impactful visualizations with the Chart Builder tool's endless experimentation and exploration capabilities.




Identify new trends in your data and high impact opportunities with the power of machine learning. Easily train new machine learning models and make predictions about the future with our AutoML tools.



Powerful time series prediction tools give you a glimpse into the future to make informed decisions by understanding seasonal impacts and macro-level trends.


Recipes create transparent lineages for every data product. With recipes, you can track every action and follow your data on every step of the journey and through every piece of the pipeline. Share, edit, and replay recipes to automate data cleaning operations, collaborate across teams, and more.


Seamlessly scale to billions of rows to meet any data need in any database, warehouse, or lake.

Master your data by creating pivot tables, calculating moving averages, and more in just a few clicks.

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