An Amazing Team of Talented Technologists


DataChat, a spin-out from U. Wisconsin and HQed on the Madison campus, is building a revolutionary new technology to allow anyone to “program” data by simply holding a conversation in natural language with the platform. In essence, we are truly democratizing data analytics/science to everyone using the power of AI and ML.

Come join an amazing team of talented technologists with skill sets that span artificial intelligence, databases, machine learning, NLP, programming languages, systems, and UI/UX.

Everyone at DataChat works remotely right now, and we plan to stay that way till mid-2021.

Funded by America’s Seed Fund (from the National Science Foundation).

Senior Product Manager

As a senior product manager you will prioritize development to deliver the best possible experience to our customers.

Customer Success Manager

As a customer success manager you will teach customers to use DataChat to solve problems.

Technical Writer

As a technical writer you create the content that engages our customers and guides them to get the most out of our product

Senior UI/UX Engineer

As a UI/UX engineer your work is the gatekeeper to the ways in which our customers interact with the product.

Machine Learning Engineer and Researcher

As a machine learning engineer and researcher you will be responsible for all machine learning components in the core platform.

Platform Software Engineer

As a backend software engineer you will play a leading role in developing scalable and robust data processing methods for the core platform.