Rethink data analytics from the ground up

What if the idea that “everyone should learn to code” is unnecessary?
What if anyone could carry out data science functions without having to learn to code?

DataChat was born of those two questions and the vision of democratizing the power of data science. By developing a programming language that has the naturalness of English and the precision/accuracy of data programming languages, we have made analytics accessible and approachable to everyone.



Using our novel Conversational Intelligence technology, now in a single platform you can carry out a broad range of data analytics functions, including exploratory analytics, predictive analytics, structured querying, free search querying, visualization and data wrangling.

Further, you can take your “data puzzle-solving recipes” and easily share it with others, or collaborate to create new recipes, or iterate over existing ones. Take collaboration to new heights.


No-code programming

Creating sophisticated data science programs is not just for the pros -- now anyone can do it in a safe, sound and seamless way. Hey, even the pros like it -- it is much better than writing code and reading ever-changing manual pages, or searching the web for code fragments to cut-and-paste.

Explainable AI

With the power of Auto-ML and Explainable AI, let DataChat do the hard work in uncovering interesting patterns in data, and then explain it to you in plain English. Now you can confidently chat about sophisticated data insights that you have uncovered in DataChat.

Cost Effective and Secure

In actual studies we found that with DataChat, users can solve data puzzles in 1/10 of the time saving the organization time and money. And, all this is done in a fully-managed, containerized, cloud setting providing you unprecedented security and control over deployment costs.


Empower your teams to make better informed business decisions quickly

DataChat began as a research project at the University of Wisconsin, and was spun off from the university in collaboration with WARF. In this transformation, DataChat was supported by grants from the National Science Foundation (NSF) SBIR program. The academic roots of DataChat continue to feed the soul of the company.

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