Our Vision

What if you could carry out analytics and data science functions without having to learn to code?

DataChat was born to answer this question and provide the power of data insights to everyone.

Product Benefits & Features

DataChat is a built-from-scratch analytics platform based on DataChat’s Guided English Language (GEL)©. Our platform allows a variety of users to do everything they need to do in their data journey, including data wrangling and preparation, visualization, exploration and predictive modeling.


  • GEL enables powerful data wrangling and preparation.
  • Workflows enhance transparency and trust by providing common language records for every data product, including models
  • Annotation support makes dat understandable


  • Automated analytics provides intuitive statistical summaries
  • Automated visualizations and recommendations simplify data exploration
  • Workflows can automate routine work from engineering to discovery


  • Machine learning helps uncover interesting patterns in data
  • Guided machine learning is accessible to non-traditional data team members
  • Model building can be guided for exploration or automated for routine functions, saving time for data teams.


  • GEL enables collaboration and co-creation across functions.
  • Insights Boards and workflows give visualizations and narratives a shared space that encourages discussion
  • Workflows can be replayed for semi-automation of routine work, etc. (workflow)


  • Virtual Private Cloud with support for multiple authentication methods
  • In-place database processing allows for efficient, scalable, work with large datasets
  • Rich database connectivity with support for all major database systems, including Snowflake, BigQuery, Postgresql, Redshift, SQL Server, MongoDB, and more


The platform allows you to host a working session with colleagues, send your workflows for comments, or share graphs and narratives in the Insight Boards.


The replay function allows workflows to easily repeat as data refreshes or to discuss with collaborators.


The structured English workflows build confidence and trust in the journey from data to insights.

Customer Success

Our customers are reporting direct improvements in efficiency of individuals and teams as well as the benefits of answering the business questions, such as saving money and increasing customer engagement. DataChat can be leveraged across industries as well as in all types of businesses.


A Fortune 50 company saw cellular phone costs rising exponentially with existing BI KPI dashboards but couldn’t answer why with existing tools.


DataChat enabled customer to:

  • Predict bulk inventory purchased more accurately
  • Optimize existing cell phone repair pipeline
  • Met environmental, and social governance goals


Analyst Efficiency
Projected Savings

I’ve found the DataChat platform to be both the most versatile and intuitive data analytics tool I’ve ever used. The chat syntax allows me to work quickly on my own and also allows teams across all different departments to easily understand insights. The ability to produce clear models and visualizations within the workflows has been essential in presenting insights and also in displaying real time queries to my team.A data analytics consulting company with a focus on improving client profitability.

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