Conversational Intelligence for Business

Conversational Intelligence is a unique way for humans to collaborate with a machine. Humans bring their intuition, and machines bring their ability to efficiently search for patterns in data. Thus, humans and machines play to their strengths and collaborate to discover the hidden gems in your data.

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Speeding your Journey from Data to Insights

DataChat is a cohesive analytics platform that uses natural language to make a broad range of functions, including data wrangling, preparation, exploration, visualization, and predictive modeling, accessible to everyone to improve business outcomes.

Data & Insights for Everyone

DataChat makes it possible for everyone in your organization – not just programmers – to work with their data in a self-service and collaborative manner. Our customers report improvements in both individual and team efficiency in making data-driven decisions.

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Challenges in the Journey to Insights

Today, there is data everywhere you look. But, it takes a significant amount of work, and several different tools, to bring meaningful insights to the surface. Your journey might include using one tool to slice and dice your data to clean it and prepare it for a deeper analysis, and two or more additional tools to use machine learning and visualizations to help you identify trends to explore. All of these tools create silos of information and barriers to entry that might be too high for the average user. DataChat gives analysts, especially non-programmers, a way to do it all and to do it in a collaborative and governable way.

Industry Specialization

Decision Making

With DataChat, you can empower your entire organization to give you an advantage over your competition by quickly and confidently making sound, data-driven decisions. Your team has all the data analytics tools that seem out-of-reach to them today. Further, they can collaborate inside DataChat to maximize the overall talent and human resources of the team.


Using our guided, conversational approach, you can leverage self-served data analytics and machine learning to uncover sophisticated patterns in your data. You can create repeatable workflows to automate your routine tasks to free up time for more interesting work. You can collaborate with colleagues directly in the DataChat platform by inviting them to a working session, sharing your work, or contributing your graphs and narratives to Insight Boards.

Data Science

You can speed up your data science workflows by automating routine model building steps, such as hyperparameter optimization and k-fold Cross Validation, to help you rapidly build and evolve exploratory models. You can also collaborate with your subject matter experts on relevant analyses and conclusions from the same platform.


Your team and other teams from across your organization can use DataChat English, our natural language, to speak to each other with a shared vocabulary. Every chart, report, or model that anyone creates can be easily shared, and the recipient can easily understand and reuse the steps taken to go from data to insights. Your team can build more sophisticated analytics pipelines that are transparent and that can be validated by everyone involved. The clarity builds trust in their decisions, and together you can collaboratively build on past decisions, and communicate in a consistent way.

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