Experience a new kind of analytics and discover new insights by combining the best of human intuition and artificial intelligence.

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Gather Insights at Any Scale

DataChat lets you jump in and start discovering insights in seconds. From the smallest spreadsheet to the largest data warehouses, DataChat can meet your data where it is. 

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Chat with Your Data

DataChat simplifies complex analytics without requiring programming or multiple platforms. Simply pick up your data and feel at home wrangling, training models, running queries, or creating visualizations in our familiar spreadsheet interface. Or, use our LLM-powered chat tools to simply ask questions in plain English and let DataChat do the work in an editable, verifiable way. 

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Empower Everyone

DataChat lets everyone, not just data wizards, tackle their data with AI-driven insights. With DataChat, your teams can work together to move faster and make confident, transparent decisions.

DataChat works for any data journey 

From retail to consumer goods to manufacturing to healthcare, DataChat helps you accelerate your data-driven journey across all domains.


  • Want a simple solution with room to grow.
  • Don't want to write code or queries to get results.
  • Want to go deeper with your data but don't know where to start.

With DataChat, you can:

  • Work with any size dataset or database.
  • Use an LLM-powered chatbot, an intuitive point-and-click interface, or both to dig into your data.
  • Use a single, unified platform for all of your analytics needs.


  • Need to work with large datasets or databases.
  • Need to iterate quickly.
  • Want to start leveraging ML and AI in your workflows.

With DataChat, you can:

  • Connect to and scale with all major database and data lake vendors.
  • Leverage replayable recipes and a point-and-click interface to keep things moving.
  • Use our ML- and AI-assisted tools to understand and explore your data.


  • Need to work with millions or billions of rows.
  • Want to automate the boring stuff.
  • Want an easier way to leverage ML and AI in your work.

With DataChat, you can:

  • Easily scale to billions of rows with our cloud-based platform.
  • Create and share replayable, understandable workflows to automate the boring parts of analytics.
  • Quickly train, inspect, and iterate on cutting-edge machine learning models.

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