Say hello to DataChat, a new Conversational Intelligence platform.

It’s changing how we perform data analytics, and it’ll change how you understand your data.

DataChat helps you understand data your business collects by allowing you to chat in natural language – no programing experience required!

Now, your team can unlock actionable business insights faster, so you can stay ahead of the competition.


DataChat is all about the conversation. With our novel Conversational Intelligence technology, user can carry out a conversation with their data to get meaningful insights. Going well-beyond simple chat technology, Conversational Intelligence allows users to naturally express a sequence of complex analysis tasks in natural language. Our platform also has a powerful in-built real-time data analytics engine that delivers the results quickly, and in a visual way, to enable the user to conduct sophisticated analysis at the speed of human thought.

Rich Visualization

See your data in action with a few short conversations. DataChat understands the type of data you’re using and selects the best charts and graphs to visualize your data.

Automatic Summaries

DataChat can summarize large data sets in real-time, so you’re always in the know.

Simplified Data Wrangling

Seamlessly connect to multiple data sources in seconds. DataChat cleans and merges your data, so connecting the dots is easier than ever.

Need help? Just ask!

Have a question about how to analyze your data? DataChat provides hints along the way so you’re never stuck!



Save Time

Talk about your data with our chatbots and see up to a 10X reduction in time spent analyzing data using traditional methods.

Achieve Better Results

Spend more time asking the important questions and less time coding complex solutions.

Collaboration, unleashed

Keep colleagues up-to-date by sharing and replaying your chatbot conversations in a single click.


The ability to empower business users to carry our sophisticated data analytics has been a dream for enterprises. With DataChat there is now a real shot at reaching this goal! Chad Raube

CEO, Info-Pro

DataChat is a great example of successful technology around artificial intelligence. Wisconsin Governors Business Plan Evaluation



NSF SBIR Phase 1 awardee

1st Place, Technology segment, Wisconsin Governor’s Business Plan Contest 2018


DataChat is all about the conversation. Send us a message to get in touch.

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